Reflection on reflections

 Puddles, standing water … as a child I was fascinated and drawn to them (as what child is not !)  As a young adult I would almost literally fall into the reflected depths of the sky or the trees.  


Later years I would seek out these refections, perhaps hoping for a glimpse, a sign of another time or another demension.

It is interesting to me that when I visit stores that carry such things as scrying mirrors or crystal balls I am drawn to them like a moth to light. Perhaps, like the reflections, they call from another life….


4 thoughts on “Reflection on reflections

  1. As a child I, too, was drawn to the puddles but it was in the desert so they were few and far between. I ran outside as soon as lightening and thunder started and tried to catch the bolts which sometimes came too close! When the heavens had dumped all their waters, I would jump and play in the puddles and cover myself with mud. The water came alive with baby toads and crawdads which I played with as though they were from a giant toy box dropped from the sky just for me. My memories of water and puddles are my own and are fun to return to whenever it thunders. I have since learned not to try and catch the beautiful bolts of light that drop from the sky but I still play in the puddles of water left after the desert flash-floods.
    Love your blog-site,

    • Here’s to keeping our “child” alive Fern!! Thanks for reading / writing to my blog ! (and blessings to all the rain that comes your way ~ Bring on the puddles !!)

  2. Yes, I am looking forward to puddles which are over due here in New Mexico. I suspect on the first rain that there will be a lot of dancing in the rain and hopefully enough rain to splash in puddles.

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