Seeds were Planted

Four years have passed since I last blogged here. Thanks to a dear friend who suggested I document my experiences in New Mexico, and the fact that I have been homesick ever since leaving in 2008, I feel the inspiration to share my experiences with whomever is curious or interested.

Third Grade1963 or thereabouts when the different states were studied in Elementary School, the Southwest was the topic. More specifically Arizona, I’m thinking, since New Mexico was still questioned as a state. (and remains so still !) We were given an art project that would truly become the the spark to my New Mexico journey.

We were given newspaper to fold into different lengths and guided to create a head, a body and arms and legs. String attached all to create a type of doll. We had pictures to look at and with poster paint we created our version of a Kachina. I remember being fascinated by this and spent more time looking at the pictures and asking questions than working on my project.  My mom ran across my “doll” several years ago. I wish I had taken a picture. A rough drawing will have to do.

1st KachinaI remained fascinated by the Hopi and the Pueblo cultures where the Kachina played a role in their livelihood and I later expressed this fascination as an artist in miniature. I had not remembered my Elementary School Kachina until many years later but the magic seeds of the Southwest had been planted.

First Kachinas


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