The Magical, Mystical Tour

SW Vision Quest Map

Starting in 1985 and on for the next six years I participated with a group that studied and practiced Native American teachings. During this time I participated in a 10 day Vision Quest that involved traveling to areas of Arizona and New Mexico. Our teacher was connected to the Native People in some of these areas, allowing us to  experience places not known to many. After 30 years I continue to remain respectful of the sacredness of this journey but                                                                      some memories I will share.

We spent a couple nights at the Hopi Cultural Center and it was there where I experienced true Earth time. There were no schedules, only a sense that when it was time for something to happen, it would. The People just sensed when the time was right to do something or to be somewhere. For those driven by man-made schedules this can be quite challenging.

A day was spent at Canyon de Chelly (pronounced Canyon d’ Shay), outside of Chinle, Arizona.  The trail down was so smooth, I took off my boots and walked barefoot. I can still feel the sun-warm Earth, so grounding beneath my feet and I could feel the centuries of feet that had traveled this path before.

Canyon de Chelly

Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, was my greatest teacher on this journey. Several days were spent with the energy of the past. One night we were each alone in areas throughout the cliffs. One day we explored the ruins and then sat around the large kiva just letting go of time….

.     Chaco Cyn   Chaco Cyn Image

SW Vision QuestSomething opened up for me during this time. I felt at home with the ancient energy of these places. I knew I need to be a part of this Land, to feel grounded in this Earth. The time wasn’t yet, but I had learned that I would know when the time was right to return.


5 thoughts on “The Magical, Mystical Tour

  1. You may recal that Penny and I followed a similar route through AZ and NM that culminated with our visit to you in T or C. Was it a datura growing in your yard? Upon leaving you we noticed what appeared to be a forty minute drive over to Silver City. Three hours later we arrived in SC and had to stay the night. One year later we did the unthinkable – we moved there and we have now been here 15 years. The Land? It must be. We will wait for your return.

    • As I have been pulling in the threads of memories for sharing these stories I have not been surprised to find all the connections that led me to New Mexico and to the people. The story of our meeting is still ahead, Penny and Walt !

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