I was almost two years living in Albuquerque when I met up with three gals who had just moved to New Mexico from San Diego. Two of the three were looking for somewhere to live and I was about done living on the rough side of town. We found a house to share in Los Lunas, about 30 minutes south. In 1992, Los Lunas was still a quiet rural town and a wonderful break from the Duke City. About eight months into this arrangement, one of our party had ventured further south and discovered an even quieter town with a curious name. Since she couldn’t find a descent cup of coffee or a non-greasy meal on this visit she decided the town needed a coffee house. So she moved out to pursue this idea. She leased a building and called out to those of us still up north to come down and help. After one visit I was hooked. I moved to Truth or Consequences on 4th of July weekend in 1993.

Cosmic ConnectionThis move would be the beginning of many things for me but the coffee house, called the Cosmic Connection, was the spark to greater changes in the town. We had the first Espresso machine ever seen, in addition to offering various fresh roasted coffees. We served fresh salads and sandwiches and scratch-made desserts like Fudge Truffle Cheese cake, Cosmic Carrot Cake and Sirius Brownies. The shop had been completely stripped and the walls were painted a welcoming blue-violet. A local artist had painted a mural with clouds and if you looked real close you just might see a UFO peeking out from those clouds.

Cosmic Connection Opening

Back then the shop stood out, no doubt about it. We were quite entertained by the stories around town, made up by those who never walked through our door. Those who did found a special space to meet with friends, eat delicious food and mingle with like-minded people.

The food prep was not my favorite part of this adventure but I was able to see how much positive intentions affected the food we were preparing. The best part for me was serving and interacting with those who found their way through the door. When we started offering dessert and music on the weekends, the Cosmic Connection provided me with my first opportunity to perform in public. Playing at Cosmic Connection 

One of my favorite memories at the Cosmic Connection was Thanksgiving that year. We opened up the doors to any who wanted to share the day together. The Hassle Family Band brought their family members. Everyone brought food and we smoked a turkey in the alley out back. Lots of music and wonderful people. 

The coffee shop lasted nine months but there is no doubt that it had given birth to a new energy in the town of Truth or Consequences.


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